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 Forum Rules

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No foul, racist or extreme views will be posted in the forums.

Structure your post in a manner which is easily understood. Breaks make it a lot easier to read longer posts. Also use characters like ,. to form sentences. Remember many members & guests on the forum have english as their 2nd language.

Applications made for clan membership are to be kept orderly. Unless you know the applicant and want to make a pleasing comment about his or her application refrain from cluttering the thread with useless or unwarranted comments. If you have a problem with the applicant or know information that the clan leadership should be aware of, make a post in the MEMBERS SECTION OF THE FORUMS. One of the senior members or higher will give a response to the applicant about how to move forward. From that point one of the clan leaders will handle the application.

Ban Appeals are of highest importance. Unless you have specific and relevant information regarding the person or situation involved, please do not post or get involved. The thread is to be used only by the admin that banned them, =IFC= members that had specific information regarding the situation/ban or clan leaders that are helping handle the situation. Posts which are not relevant will be immediately deleted and you will be subject to further review.

Issues with other =IFC= members
Leaders, admins or members with which you have a problem with or you do not agree with, are to be handled first by direct and personal conversation with that person through xfire, teamspeak or personal messaging. You will probably find that they have information or instructions that you are not aware of as yet. If you are still not satisfied, contact a clan leader or several leaders (you can get a teamspeak or xfire meeting set up) and discuss the situation. Posting your opinions about an admin in the forums is NOT going to be tolerated. It is not going to solve the situation, it will merely inflame the situation further and is a detriment to clan as a whole. Your post will be deleted and you will be subject to further review.

Political, religious views and comments are to be avoided in the forums. We are a gaming clan comprised of various walks of life. Respect others and expect the same. If you feel you are somehow being deprived of your rights, take it to clan leadership in a private manner.

If there is an internal issue about the clan as a whole that you wish to bring up, please do so in the members section. This issue should not name any individuals within the clan. Do not bring up clan issues in the public area of the forums. If you make a post in an area of the forums that is incorrect, please ask an admin to move it for you.

If there are issues between you and another clan member, talk to them on vent or via PM. The forum is not the right place to put issues between members public nor for talking bad about any other =IFC= clan member.

Punkbuster Screenshots may not be posted in any forum! Save them to your HDD and send them to Clan/Div.Leaders via xfire or email.
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Forum Rules
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